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Another 1st Class Hons from the Webree stable
Published Date: 21/10/2007

Another 1st Class Hons from the Webree stable

We don't know what it is about working here, but we should come recommended in UCAS. We are delighted to announce that Steve Rad has graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Computer Science., the latest from our stable!

Having worked with us for the past 2 1/2 years Steve has knitted nicely into the team, gaining a considerable understanding of our technologies. Steve has been concentrating on developing aspects of XPOR, our Toolbar and complete documentation of XPOR Exigo. With this thorough background and an immense enthusiasm, we have appointed Steve as Sales Executive.

"Steve has worked hard during his time with us. He has enough practical experience to be confident that the things he specifies can actually be achieved. With this confidence, the development team will ensure his unrealistic Sales Consultant demands are achieved. Congratulations on the degree and welcome on board" Chris Dockree, Director.