I’m the Development Manager. It's my role to ensure that your project is developed to the highest standards.

Our track record over the last 10 years demonstrates that our development team are capable of delivering all types of web solutions varying from small content managed information delivery sites to larger user driven sites such as those use to manage large member organisations.

All our developers have a firm understanding of the design and development principles necessary for delivering high quality software

solutions. Once a project comes into production it's allocated to a lead developer based upon availability, and most importantly experience with your business's requirements. Dependant on the scale of the project the lead developer may utilise members of his development team to ensure the milestones agreed are delivered.

We operate a Rapid Application Development approach to software development which means that we're experienced in putting together complex systems in a relatively short timescale. This is made possible through the use of our two software platforms XPOR & IBIS. Both have been developed in house over a period of 13 years and offer an extensive range of functionality whilst also maintaining high standards of stability and security.

We provide our clients with the options to host onsite with us or offsite at a location of their choice. Our onsite hosting offers clients the option to have their system run on a shared server, or alternatively they can choose to purchase their own server. All our hosting solutions offer a full backup service; again this can be tailored to suit your needs. Solutions hosted with us benefit from both a secure physical environment and secure network ensuring your website is at minimal risk from attack.

If you’d like to know more about our development procedures or software platforms you can find more detailed information on the website.

Once your application has been built, it's passed back to Project Management for testing.