Bespoke Development - Don't Do It!

Take our advice, as a Bespoke Software Developer - Don't Do It!

We develop and support web based services using a standard "platform" as the foundation for all of them.  Consequently we can support and progress these services across our development team.  Team members come and go but the platform stays at the heart of it all.

Developing a bespoke software solution can be a very costly and resource consuming affair.  Most people approach this task for the first time with very little idea as to what they really want, how or even whether it can be achieved.  Under these circumstances, extreme caution is advised. Don't simply rely on a software / website developer to do a job for you.

Alternatively, you may consider using pre-built systems, sign-up services that are being used by many other similar situations - if you can find one.

There is a third way, which is much better, from your perspective.  Build the service yourself.  There are software platforms built specifically to able you to do this.

Have a look at the Xpor platform, built for non-technical people to be able to develop their own web services - from scratch!

A favoured method of achieving what you want from an online service is to employ our own developer.  However, is this a sustainable situation?  The Xpor platform approach means you don't need a developer.  If you don't have the time or inclination to buld your own system, consider having a young person / apprentice do it for you, under your close guidance of course.

You can achieve and support your own bespoke development using Xpor.

For further information and a demonstration, please contact us.