Dynamic websites, constantly progressing

The rate of progress has never been so rapid.

The IT era and the Internet revolution has removed progress from the category "nice to have" into "business critical".  There literally is no time to waste.

Yet websites are built and remain unchanged for years.  Does this really represent your organisation?  If it does, watch out!

For many years now, websites have been powered by content management systems.  A method of maintaining the presentation of your website "up to date" and keeping your users up to date with new service, product, business announcements etc..  But why would they visit your site to find out in the first place?

If your website has a purpose, a reason for your users to visit, then this is the key feature to concentrate on.  Keep ahead of the competition by staying useful and interesting to your users.  All those other presentational things can follow on the back of this good work.

So what you really need is a content management system that ALSO allows you to update the service you provide through your website.  For example, access to support services, stock control, form submissions, application progress, supplier management etc. etc.

Does this sound expensive?  We think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can get for your money, with the tools we provide.  Furthermore, you don't need to keep paying us to do the service development.  A lot of it you can manage just as if it were a simple CMS activity.

Please give us a call to discuss your potential requirements and see a demonstration of just what you can achieve for your organisation.