All Hale! Mary and Paul Webree Does Bake-Off again!

The Great British Bake Off has controversially switched channels this year, losing HRB Mary Berry, Sue and Mel.  So out with the old (timeless in Mary's case) and in with the new.

For the third year in a row baking fever has taken hold. We're putting on our aprons and firing up the ovens to take part in an office Bake-Off sweepstakes. Everyone that enters is assigned to a particular GBBO contestant (by taking a name out of a hat). Each week, whoever is assigned to the GBBO contestant that is knocked out, must bake one of the cakes from that week's challenges. All diets are on hold until further notice!

For the XPORians amongst you, the form below is entirely made by a non-techie -  they simply created a "Cake" object which is set to associate to "Contact" as "Baker".  Then the grid displays this ... it's SO easy!!!