I'll start off with the kinds of projects we work on. These vary greatly in purpose and scope, from membership based, integrated web services through to complex online database applications, synchronised with off-line services. But they all have one thing in common... they are always business critical.

So, in order to achieve your goals, we will need to get in close ... a privileged position which we treat in complete confidence.

We need to understand your requirements and use them to develop a functional specification which has a realistic level of achievability in both the time and budget.

All of the systems we develop are built using pre-developed web platforms. Our Technical Director will provide more details on these later in this video, but these software platforms are the keystone to a project's success. They have to provide all of the security necessary in a wired world, yet must also provide maximum flexibility to cope with a wide range of applications.

That's a key reason for using webree. Our web platforms are developed entirely in-house, so there's no "open source" or third party IPR worries. We have complete control to develop exactly what you need and provide the best possible levels of support into the future, something we excel at

I'm going to introduce you to some key members of my team who'll talk to you about their roles and how they'll work with you to deliver your requirements. First you'll meet our sales manager, Anita who will work with you to understand your goals and scope out your project, then Luisa one of our Project Managers who ensures that we deliver your project on time and in budget. Our Technical Director, will provide a background on our software, development practices and control procedures and finally you'll meet one of our Client Support Managers who will explain how we'll support you and your work into the future

All of our business relationships are long term. We focus immense efforts into supporting you and your online activities into the future

Proven web services, proven software systems, proven support and long term result driven business relationships. Meet the team.