I’m the sales manager, probably the first person at webree you'll speak to. If you're looking to make your business or organisation more efficient through on line systems, then we're the right people to talk to.

Generally our clients come to us with an idea of what they are looking for, it's very rare that we're given a detailed specification to work with but that's not a problem. It's my role to learn all about your business and understand what you're looking to achieve and

then provide a solution that fits your budget and timescale.  We'll use our experience to understand your requirements and make suggestions as to how best to achieve your goals.

We’ll build your website to suit your requirements, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be expensive. We've developed a wealth of all sorts of web applications, so if we've developed something similar that matches your needs (and there's a good chance that we have) we'll utilise it rather than building something brand new.

We work with our clients on a long term basis, we consider our relationship a partnership, so we'll be in contact with regularly to let you know about new ideas and technologies that we think would benefit your organisation.

As well as developing your web service to your specification, we'll build it to ensure that you and your team can manage it on a day to day basis - it wouldn't make any sense if you needed us every time you want to change something because it's your web site.

Once we’ve completely understood your requirements we'll put together a specification document detailing what your web service needs to do and how it will do it. Once you've approved the specification your project goes into production and it gets assigned to one of our Project Managers whose job it is get your project delivered.