Asset Integrity Management

Major events such as the Deep Sea Horizon Oil spill, demonstrate that the assured integrity of assets and their operation demands the highest level of attention within an organisation.  From concept to end-of-life, management of the Asset and its complete integrity depend on knowledge and skills of the team in control, especially communication and "lessons learned".

In major engineering, financial and other sector activities persistent management practices are essential to ensure and demonstrate that best practice has been deployed on all occasions. This is a live task, demanding the planning and sharing of critical knowledge, procedures and practices as a matter of course.

This must be tracked throughout the lifecycle of an asset and recorded for auditing / experience sharing purposes.  A very significant task, provided by a categorised, pro-active, knowledge management adaption of our Xpor platform for a multi-national oil production and engineering company.

Designed from the ground up to be web based and fully under the control of the knowledge experts managing the various activities concerned, the Asset Integrity Management tool provided a user friendly, fast service to assist in critical decision-making activities.

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