Online Systems enabling Remote Workforces


The purpose of a website is the reason people visit it.

Purposeful websites enable people to work together - in-office or remotely.

Replace the old working practices with a web-based service?

Bring "purpose" to your website.



One of our team will discuss your ideas and advise on how they may be delivered, timescales and costs.  You give the go-ahead.


Building on your outline idea, our application analysts will develop a system model and explain its' purpose.


We are quickly into development of your system, with our team of XPOR application specialists. We will involve you in this process, if you wish.


Throughout development of your service, we review with you, how things are working. Vital to achieving a service you are happy with.


We will arrange training as required - for yourself and your staff / users.  Training also introduces user to the new working practices.


The Big Day - expect problems and require close support from us. Of course we don't expect problems - but we will deal with any for you.


If you want us to support you (and youy should!) our team of specialists will be on hand, ready and wiling.


Continual review of web services is essential to keep you ahead of the challenges. Our platfrom enables it and our Support Team will keep you up to date.

I'll start off with the kinds of projects we work on. These vary greatly in purpose and scope, from membership based, integrated web services through to complex online database applications, synchronised with off-line services. But they all have one thing in common... they are always business critical.

So, in order to achieve your goals, we will need to get in close ... a privileged position which we treat in complete confidence. We need to understand your requirements and use them to develop a functional specification which has a realistic level of achievability in both the time and budget.

All of the systems we develop are built using pre-developed web platforms. These software platforms are the keystone to a project's success. They have to provide all of the security necessary in an online world, yet must also provide maximum flexibility to cope with a wide range of applications.

That's a key reason for using webree - there's no "open source" or third party IPR worries. We have complete control to develop exactly what you need and provide the best possible levels of support into the future, something we excel at

The challenge ahead of you will be to select a development company who will deliver your vision of an online service. Perhaps this may be the start of your online service presence or, alternatively, another stepping stone in the evolution of your organisation. Whichever, it will probably be presenting you with a considerable challenge. Our role is to work with you to understand and transpose your vision into a service we will both be proud of.

Generally, these projects present opportunities for improved service and often reduced running costs. The key is to integrate your new online service into your mainstream business procedures. At first this will require support and training. Eventually, however, the emphasis will change and you will find your staff will need less and less support. Instead, they, and your users, will start to demand more and more performance or features from your service. The kind of things that our platforms are developed to deliver.

We think you will enjoy working with us. I have a great team of people here, all very keen to make your online service successful. We have 20 years of practical experience delivering your kind of project. We recognise the commitment you are making and its importance to your business.

Now that you’ve seen what we're about, we hope that you'll have decided that we're the right company to work with to deliver your new online system.

We look forward to hearing from you.