An Integrated system rationalises your day-to-day management tasks

One of the principal benefits of software system should be to remove the need to double-enter data.  

This is a key benefit that a single platform provides.  But the latest trend, to use disparate remote web services such as CRM, Mailing and Contact management services has ignored these benefits.

These services have an attraction to organisations who are starting from scratch.  But it isn't long before an administrator starts to realise how unmanageable thsi becomes!  Better instead to deploy a single web platform that incorporates all of the required services and features that an administrator will require.

The Xpor platform has always provided an integrated approach to web services.  The latest version brings together further integration, with email account management and calendar functions that work with pre-configured Event Management objects, to provide a one-stop solution for ANY organisation.

This is all enhanced with the in-built reporting service, that provides activity records, success, / delivery / conversion analysis etc.

You should expect your integrated web service to give you the benefits of having everything in one place PLUS the intelligent features of single / dedicated services.

Please call or email for a demonstration of what an integrated service can offer, discuss your requirements and take a test drive of our system.