Online Service

Amongst all the variables that makes a successful enterprise, Customer Service has to be at the top.  So, the question is "does your web service offer your customer / users the service they are expecting?"  How can you provide them with the experience they expect?

Option 1 - employ a specialist developer and build a bespoke system that only the developer can manage / extend for you.

Option 2 - employ a standard web platform that provides the ability to develop and manage an online service that isn't simply updated images and text.

The First option is a considerable risk to your enterprises future.  A custom site developer will happily provide the service for you.  But you will need to closely specify what you want from it and, even then, rely on the continued support of that developer to kepp moving your service forward.  Like every aspect of customer service, your online service must be capable of continuous improvement.

The Second option, therefore, will be the better choice, though you need to choose a service driven platform, such as XPOR, built specifically to give you control over the things your users are demanding of your online service.  Don't settle for anything less.  Simple content management systems are NOT adequate for this.

Please call us for a demonstration of the system and a discussion about your requirements.