Websites provide service as part of your branding

"Customise - modify something to suit a particular task"

Many organisations recognise that the brand a user experiences is more than presentation.  The function provided is at the top of the brand experience.  It is vital that you are in control of both the function and the form.

The service your organisation delivers is the one thing that users will remember - and criticise.  If the shop looks great but the service is terrible ...!  The same principal is true for your website - whether you offer e-commerce, or any other form of online service, the service is the true purpose of the visit.

For many years now, organisations have been able to modify their presentation, update the words and pictures on a website - grandly called "content".  Content management systems are very common.  But some organisations are now recognising that very few people read the content on a website.  They only visit for the service provided.  So can you be in control of the service in the same way you are in control of the content?


Using Xpor you have complete control of your web service - presentation, content and service.  And, to ensure you have control, the system is NOT technical.  If you are a business process owner, you will be able to use Xpor to build, manage and develop your online presence.