Manageability - putting you in control

We all work differently.  But software forces us to work in a certain way.

It's been that way for 30 years now.  Time to make systems manageable from the human, not machine, point of view.

Not many people can remember what the world was like before computers became so intrusive in our lives.  Back then, IT was described as a service and sold itself to organisations "because we can help with this task".  What we were never told was "- by making you change how you work!"

We all used folders and filing cabinets and filing systems but computers introduced us to a never ending depth of folders - very confusing to people.  You could now (had to!) electronically store the precious things you had been working on - but could never fnd again!

And then there was the "Start thinking of things inside things - put your Cover Letter, Sales Presentation and Estimate inside a "Sales" folder and your Contract letters, Specifications, Drawings in a Contract Folder, all inside a dedicated "Order" folder, stored in a dedicated "Product" folder inside a "West Area Division" folder.  This simply confused people.

It would clearly be better if you didn't have to put things inside things.  Instead, you associated them to other things, in a way that means something to you.  For example, "This letter is the Cover Letter for this Project".

The Xpor platform works like this.  It is built from the ground up as a method of creating objects and their associations to each other, as you understand and want to see them.  Your "Model".

This "Model" is used to provide full management of all aspects of the service from thereon.  And you have control of the model!.

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