Analysis - understand what is going on

Analysis - "Detailed examination of the structure of a thing (object) or structure (process)".

Generally people don't look at what they do and consider how it could be done better.  Instead, they are focussed on getting the job done.  The process owner, on the other hand, just wants to make things better.

From an analysis of what a process is, comes the potential for;

  1. Efficiencies.
  2. Better service
  3. Better recognition of what is being provided.

Nothing new here.  Business Process Analysis has always been vital to staying ahead of the competition and delivering the best possible service.  In most cases this has simply meant replacing old equipment, training staff, etc. actions that the process owner can comprehend, with the skillset they required for their role / environment.

The internet, however, presents a new environment, with coding and other technologies that the process owner will likely be lacking in.  In such case, the decision is usually to employ a developer to deliver the online processes.

We don't think this is the correct way forward.  Instead we believe that the process owner should be supported with a simple to use / non-technical toolset that enable design. development and management of a custom service.  Putting the control back into the hands of the skilled process owner.

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