Purposeful Websites are worth a second visit

Purposeful - Having or showing determination or resolve:

Just browsing around the web and its' easy to see that a large number of websites have no real purpose.  Commissioned by people who didn't understand what could be done and usually with the focus on presentation, rather than function.  Announced by emails - "visit our newly designed website".  We see this so many times, always eliciting the question "Why?!"

If you ask this question, you will soon see what purpose your website should have?  It may be to provide up to date data / knowledge, access to support services and tools, or manage some aspect of their relationship with your organisation or ...

More and more Websites are being focussed on doing things - delivering a business process.

So is this difficult, expensive, threatening?

Not if you utilise a platform that is built specifically to enable you to build and manage these features yourself.  We use XPOR, the only platform that truly puts the non-technical user in control of their online service.

The purpose of what we do is to give you control of your website.  You know better than we do, and understand what your website can do for your clients / users.  So you should be in control.

And then you can announce your new website "visit our new functional website to ... online!".

Please call to discuss your ideas, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can do for yourself.