Developing as a DEVELOPER not a coder

Our NEW clients tend to either be

  1. People who have been burnt by the software development process or
  2. People who have recognised the dangers BEFORE being burnt! 

There is a third way - No Code Development.

There are so many things better about No Code Development, compared to the current system development methodologies. As an Analyst and Developer my life is now all about what I enjoy doing (and like to think I am good at) - the creative process of making things work better.

Business owners, department managers, service managers have to realise, No Code Development is the way forward for Software Development work.  But where to start?

I've tried most commercially available platforms over the past 7 years and have categorised them into three groups;

  1. Templates / Pre-coded
  2. Forms platforms
  3. No Code Development Platforms

The first category is a similar case to purchasing pre-coded solutions - e.g. buying a Project Management or HR management package. You get what they can do, albeit with some flexible configuration.

The second category allows people to create online forms, which is kore often than not what you want.  BUT (and it's a big but!) they offer very little ability to stay on top of your new system. They are often not connected - resulting in solutions that require people to input their name on more than one occasion, as they progress from one form tot he next!

The emergence of the third category, the no-holds-barred No Code platform, has opened up the scope for software development (and on-going management) to people with coding languages. You can now implement your own ideas - without the need for a development team.  This opens up a whole new world of systems development, which we like to call "continuous development" - you might refer to it as "Continuous Improvement". 

Webree uses XPOR, which enables us to build online software solutions for all the types of applications we have been working on as bespoke coded solutions.

ALL of our developed services are now built with XPOR, without compromise. As analysts and system consultants, we are able to focus 100% on how to make things better, using our own non-technical staff and nobody else!

The solutions we develop are business critical. So we engage our clients in the No Code development process, so they can, if they choose, continue their o9wn service development, without the need to refer back to us.