Hosting services

Hosting is a service that is provided to suit the type of website / service involved.  Purposeful web services are

There are some key things to look out for when choosing where to host your web service.  Get them wrong and you and you can expect significant difficulties.

It shouldn't be a negative thing!  Quite the opposite, your hosting services provider should be on your side.  Managing a web based service requires (much) more than simple flat html hosting.  A few things to confirm will sort the wheat from the chaff!

Database management

All web services that work for you will employ a database.  Databases require maintenance that requires a reasonable level of understanding as to how databases work.  You will need to ensure that your host can deal with your database - not just host it but also manage / repair it.  Of course this will never be required! ... but it will.

Platform support

Your web service will either be a bespoke coded system or based on a web platform / cms.  Your host should have a detailed understanding as to how the platform works.  When problems occur, including updates, security issues etc. you will need to talk to somebody who can effect the changes you require - your host.

If your service is a bespoke coded solution, the relationship between your developer and your host is the key.  But that's an entirely different matter!

Access and Connectivity

 Your web service will be "business critical".  It must therefore be accessible 24 x 7 x 365.  So the internet connectivity needs to be fast and "resilient".  No "contention", no headline figures that hardly ever occur, no compromises.  The speed and resilience of your internet connection is vital to ensure that your Users can experience the best possible service.

Server Management

Whether you own your own server (recommended!) or are using a shared machine, the maintenance, environment, backup and power provision are vital factors to consider when choosing your host.  Tick all the boxes