Control who can see and do what?

Most organisations now provide some means of "Remote Working".

A secure website will provide managers with control and reporting, with management of tasks and users.  In fact most organisations have enabled the most important person in their organisation to do this for some time now - the Client!

Buying goods, submitting form data, acknowledging receipt, surveys, stock check, support requests etc. On the whole this is recognised as better service and ... is cost effective.

Enabling staff to do the same is simply an extension of the same principals - who can access / do various tasks for that organisation. Whether it is an international organisation, a nationwide operation or a local club, people can contribute their work as and when suits them.

Of course this requires a manageable service and a secure method of accessing the system - oh, and a system that can process information as it is submitted, at the stages it is required and with the subsequent actions to alert the next people in the chain.

Nearly all of our work has been focussed on this type of on-line service, resulting in the development of a single platform, XPOR. Providing complete control of the service, from concept, modelling, development, management, support and continuous improvement.

Please contact us if you want a secure online service that you have complete control over. The best of all worlds;

  • Bespoke online service
  • Standard design and buiild interface
  • Off the shelf prices.
  • Non Technical