Responsive - works on all platforms (mostly!)

Presenting the content you choose as suitable for different Platforms

When you start working with web content management and content delivery, you will realise that not all content is suitable for every device that can access the web page.  The full width video, showing some aspect of your service, on your Home page will most probably not suit a visitor using a mobile phone to access your site.  You need your website to "respond" to the suit the vieiwing device - "Responsive".

The XPOR Template Designer feature allows you to divide the web page into a number of columns.  By default this is 12 columns, with an option for 16.

responsive columns in XPOR\

In the image below we have made a Template with an HTML Atom in each of the top row Elements and an XPOR logo in each one of them.

Full Width in browser

The Template is set to be reponsive by default.  So, as the page is shrunk down to half of its initial width, the template re-arranges itself on the browser.  In the image below, the page has been shrunk to about half the full width of the screen, say a tablets width, abnd the empalte has reponded by changing the single row of 12 columns into 6 rows of two columns;

2 column responsive

And if we squeeze the page a little further, we get 1 column of 12 rows;

1 column responsive

And you can choose whether you want some of the atoms to "hide" when in the smaller screen mode - as well as change the order in which they are presented.  These are standard features built into the XPOR cms platform

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