Support when its' needed, from the community

The beauty of a standard software platform is that other people are able to quickly support you.

Even though you have customised your system, with objects, associations and actions that mean something to you, the standard nature of a platform, such as our Xpor system, means that other non-technical people can quickly comprehend your requirements and help.

This is in stark contrast to bespoke systems or applications off-the-shelf software.  It is unlikely that anybody, other than the original developer, will be able to help you.

Webree offer dedicated support contracts for key customers, arranged through our Client Support Team.  Together with a client dedicated work request system, linked directly to the Xpor installation, we also provide office hours telephone support.

For those clients who have used our applications team to develop an Xpor Platform service, we provide custom training and hand over services.  We also provide a periodic review service, where a dedicated Support Manager will meet with you to assess your experience and future requirements.  Often during this meeting, we will present a review of similar / competitor systems.

For further information concerning our support services, please contact us.