Automating actions on your web service

Websites should do things, not just navigate and show content.  And you should be in control.

When something is done on your website, it is likely that you want something else to follow on.  For example, when a button is clicked to submit a form you may also want an email to be sent and a status to change, as well as navigation to a new web page.

You know these things should happen - but can you make them happen?  Most likely NOT with your current website admin system.

Perhaps the most important thing about your website is out of your control!

One reason for this is the "architecture" of your web service.  By this we mean "how your web system links up the players involved with a process". In simple terms, the button click example mentioned above may Associate the User to a Service, as an Applicant, changing the status of the Applicant to "Waiting" and sending an email to another contact (who is associated to the Service as its' Administrator) informing of the new Applicant.

A developer will likely handle this with some custom code.  Alternatively you can use the web platform, Xpor, to set this up.  This uses Objects, Properties and Associations as its' "architecture", built to match the real world as your enterprise needs it to work.

For further information and access to a trial version of Xpor, please contact us.