Use Progressive Web Apps to enable remote working

Now that the world has been hit with a global pandemic, organisations are addressing the problems of service continuity in the event of staff lockdown and office closures.  There are options to consider - 15 years ago was to build a web based  system for our managing our work processes. Since then we have steadily developed our service and improved our operating practices.  And when lockdown was imposed, we (and our clients) suffered no service impact at all.

This is a specific outcome of our work to develop management systems that run online.  Private web applications to manage our work from concept / enquiry through to invoice and on-going support.  And, on reflection, we now understand the purpose of our office and togetherness - interaction as creative human beings, NOT cogs in a machine.

This doesn't mean we don't have to perform prescriptive tasks (cogs!).  But we can do these tasks where and when we want, so long as we deliver our targets.

So during lockdown, we delivered our service.  And when we meet in the office, we discuss and inspire each other in our creative roles.