Develop and Manage your own web service - gain control

...with just a little help to get you started.

Most "operational" people are uneasy dealing with software / website developers.  We don't speak the same language and we don't have the same purpose.  But there is an alternative.

We've done this job for a long time and, despite what your developer might tell you to win your business and regardless of the close customer support you might benefit from, they will move onto a different project as soon as yours is complete.

Here's a phrase you will hear more about - "Continuous Development".  This recognises that your web service is never "complete".  It must continue to improve, in just the same way other aspects of your organisation must strive to improve.

So how do you handle those new ideas you conceived to improve and continuously move forward?  Re-engage the Developer.  Not a pallatble situation for most people.

We think it would be better if you had the opportunity to make changes to your online service yourself!  And that you should not have to have any knowledge of coding to do so!  All you should need to be able to do is understand your own processes and how you could deliver them on the internet.

If you agree, then you should consider employing a service focussed platform, such as Xpor, on which to develop and manage your own web system.  You will be amazed at what can be achieved and how this can free your organisation up to control its' own destiny.

For further information please contact us.  We can get the ball rolling with a simple demonstration and free trial period.