Modelling how your System, Organisation or Application works

You know how your processes work, how you deal with requests and day-to-day activities.  So you can model it!

It's a fundamental that we learn from day one through to the day we leave an organisation - how does it work?  For those who are responsible for how it works - "how can we do it better?"  If you have this holistic view, you can build and manage an online service to represent it.  In our terms we call it System Modelling.

People understand things in the real world as Objects, with Properties that can Associate to other objects.  So the virtual world should represent this in a manner you understand. Managing a virtual situation should not require you to change the way you think!  The computer should do the work of comprehending and representing the world as you see it.

In the Real World, one object may be able to affect another.  So this should also be possible in the virtual world.

If this sounds very theoretical then prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

The Xpor system modeller is the tool we use to build all of our systems.  It's not like anything else you have ever seen, built from the ground up to assist people, like you, to understand and represent the world as they see it, not how a software solution / cms wants them to re-learn it.

And this service then ties in with your websites, to enable you to create and associate as many of these objects as you require.

No need for a developer, no need for the effort to explain your world to a developer, no need for the arguments with a developer about what you said and what they understood and no need to worry about changing your mind.  All under your control, with no limits.

Want to know more?  We would be delighted to demonstrate the service and provide you with a free trial period, during which you can access our support services, to help you along the way.  Please contact us..