Web-based Toolkits

Many of the things that can be done between a User and an Enterprise can be performed on line. 

Some people call these "Apps", some "Tools".  The platform delivering the service should therefore be able to control and coordinate these Tools.

The XPOR platform, used to develop these tools, provides the manageability and control that is required of a centralised toolbox.  Access Control, user management, security, URL management are all foundations to providing a single container of multiple tools for your users.

Your Users can access each tool, given they are subscribed to it.  Subscriptions are managed by various means, via the XPOR platform - paid, licenced, open etc.  You have simple control of all Tools for all of your Users.

Furthermore, each Tool can be managed by different people / groups.  Have topic specialists manage their tools, with no management access to any other tool.

Because all tools are provided via the same platform, you have a complete picture of usage of each tool.  Easily access usage reporting and feedback to administrators and managers.

Please contact us for a demonstration of a typical Toolbox scenario and to discuss your potential requirements.