Learner Management System

Learner Management Systems (LMS) are often handled as discrete services, perhaps using discrete off-the-shelf systems. Yet the learner accounts will almost certainly be required in other aspects of the organisation - perhapos access to other online systems or for marketing / billing purposes, either now or in the future? This greatly complicates the application of the LMS. Our approach has always been to integrate on-line services of this nature into a central service.

In fact e-learning is a relatively simple extension of an online system. In our case, User accounts have fully traceable progress on any aspect of our system, a key feature of an LMS. So why have a separate system?

Plugging in SCORM compliant courses or developing bespoke course content within our Content Management System, results in a true e-learning environment, accessible to users and manageable by anybody in your admin team (depending on role and permissions).

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