Some Examples of some of our work

So Many Case Studies ...

For the past seventeen years, we've been busy!  We've worked within so many sectors and provided so many online services that we'd simply confuse you if we tried to showcase them all!    That's the thing about purposfull websites, they are not just things of beauty, they also do things.  So, you'll need to understand what they are doing to be able to assess the example.

The key thing is, we work closely with our clients, comprehend their requrements, incorporate our online services knowledge to build systes that meet these requirements and give the client control.

We have worked in a significant range of business sectors;

  1. Water Industry
  2. Nuclear Industry
  3. Heavy Engineering
  4. Legal Services
  5. Financial Services
  6. Enterntainment
  7. Advertising, Marketing and PR Services
  8. Automotive Industry
  9. Power Generation
  10. Educational Services
  11. Public Services and Councils
  12. ... and many more sectors that we can't even catgegorise (world record breaking attempts??) - which is a clever way of dodging the unlucky number in this list!

Most of the examples we are showing here are available on our youtube channel, where we also update other development work demonstration material.

If you like what you see, please contact us to discuss your application.  We will quickly provide you with our assessment and show you how a supportable, focussed and economical service can be provided.


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Supplier Management

Legal Services

Event Management

Asset Performance