2006 set for growth

Published on: 30/03/2006

2006 Set for Growth

If anything, 2005 was a year of "awareness" for the majority of businesses. The fact that a website is so much more than simply a brochure is gradually being adopted. Throughout the year there was a continued concentration on style and presentation of websites. Consequently Xpor received further development to provide impressive control of all aspects of style creation / management.

We also introduced the technology leading Database DesignOR system, enabling ever lower, technically skilled users to develop on-line forms and features. However, throuhgout the year we noticed a continued growth of awareness that a website, using a system such as Xpor or Kn3w, is now an integrated business system. Consequently we expect a more significant take up of our two principal systems in 2006.

Throughout 2005 our flagship system was undoubtedly Xpor. The Kn3w system has seen a year of changes, to optimise the Object Oriented design philosophy. We expect Xpor to provide a solid performance throughout 2006, with increasing sales. However, we also expect a rapid uptake of the Kn3w system and already have a considerable order bank for the first quarter of 2006. 2005 was our busiest year to date.

My team have worked very hard throughout the year and have produced some impressive on-line systems. In some cases we have been under intense time and budget constraints. Sometimes we have taken on board the pressures that our clients have themselves been under, effectively becoming part of the clients organisation. As a relatively young team of people I have been impressed by the professional and customer friendly attitudes displayed.

As a business, we have improved and increased our customer support functions. This has again been the subject of investment with new staff members joining in the first quarter of 2006. Our development plan is being implemented, further announcements will be forthcoming throughout the year. However, it would be fair to say that we are moving towards the creation of web services that cannot only be applied, as with the building of websites, but can also be developed, with the licenced developer providing custom systems to run on our platforms. We envisage a time when our clients (developer licences) will be able to trade modules and to independently offer such functions to the Xpor or Kn3w user base.

2006 will see webree continue to grow and to develop web services. We are also introducing a quality control system, to manage our procedures on a level footing, the value of which we clearly recognise as we continue to grow. Having sung our own praises, I would also like to thank our clients, without whom we would have nothing to sing! We all look forward to 2006 with much anticipation.