Automatic Vending Association

Published on: 16/04/2006

The old AVA website was an informational source, with a log in facility for member access to private files. The site was of a "flat" html format, requiring off-line content development which then had to be published to the web server, to keep it up to date.
It is now required to upgrade the website to a true on-line web service. This is intended to facilitate improved communication and service to members whilst minimising current AVA administration tasks.
This upgrade also presents the opportunity to improve the visual appearance of the service.
Backed by 5 years of on-line member services experience, Ltd. proposes to provide all of the specified on-line service requirements. Additionally we offer to re-design the visual presentation of the system and provide training and support.

On-line sales of publications and other services such as private member areas, on-line polls and reports are all features that the new web service will provide to AVA members.