Broadband growth drives on-line servicess

Published on: 13/04/2006

Broadband has eclipsed unmetered connections in the UK, according to the latest figures from the Government's National Statistics Office.

Always-on connections rose to 31 per cent in July of this year, compared with 29 per cent for unmetered access.

Broadband connections were up from 29.5 per cent sequentially month on month and from 17 per cent a year ago. In real numbers, broadband subscriptions rocketed 93.7 per cent year on year.

Dial up connections continued to fall - 11.2 per cent on an annual basis and 1.7 per cent sequentially since June.

Overall, July stood out as the first increase in Internet uptake for four months - marking a monthly rise of 0.2 per cent sequentially and 6.7 per cent year on year.