Bug TrackOR

Published on: 30/03/2006

Bug TrackOR

XPOR has a little known feature, useful for developers and administrators. Bug TrackOR The webree Bug TrackOR follows use of the XPOR system (both client facing web pages and administration features). This tool provides developers with the ability to identify pages developed with XPOR that are experiencing problems.

The Bug TrackOR system watches all error activity on both the client facing web pages and the Administration system, records principal details and logs the event. This log is provided to the system administrator, to keep tabs on performance of the site.

A typical example of the usefulness of Bug TrackOR is for large XPOR sites, with many features being used. For example, an administrator might choose to delete a forum in content management system but not re-configure the web page that is presenting it. This error will then be logged. The Administrator can trace this and sort it out.

Some errors are also attributed to bugs within XPOR. These are reported to the XPOR development team and addressed accordingly. This is another demonstration of the thorough design and management philosophy applied to the XPOR system.

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