Coal goes Online!

Published on: 25/03/2008

Coal goes Online as new IEA website "Coal online" is launched

Client Overview:
Coal Online is a major free resource providing comprehensive information on the technology of coal utilisation. The information is based on published reports from the IEA Clean Coal Centre presented as chapters on specific topics related to coal and its use in Clean Coal Technologies. Each chapter contains up to several hundred pages illustrated with figures and tables.

While the site was originally launched back in 2005, the client felt that the site no longer reflected the Company's branding. Webree were also challenged to provide an improved method of report presentation that would maximise the viewing area for report documents while still providing a clear and easy user interface.

The solution was to create a site that offered unrestricted access to the information available at coalonline, by making the process of locating and reading reports as intuitive as possible. The site has been designed around the concept of opening and reading physical reports – where the menus are made up of left hand ‘bookmark style’ tabs that can be minimized while reading documents.

This design helps to maximise the space available to display report information, whilst not compromising on the user interface. Users can quickly and easily flick between pages, or jump to specific sections using the expandable document index. Each new customer now has their own personal ‘My Documents’section that lists out all reports purchased.

The new design also perfectly complements the rebranding of IEA Clean Coal Centres corporate home page. Visit the site:

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