Combining Spreadsheets to create an Online Management System

Published on: 09/08/2018

The Erasmus scheme helps students visit foreign countries to gain work and cultural experience. In Portsmouth, Southampton and Brighton, this is managed by the “The IBD Partnership”, a succesful and growing company, with exciting ambitions.

Arranging and managing Student visits requires skill, care and close communication, all grown out of experience.  But as the business has grown, the use of lists, spreadsheets and online tools had been stretched to breaking point.

IBD Partnership approached us with the common issues we hear all the time – the kind of problems that are our bread and butter! You may also have these concerns?

  • "I don’t understand this spreadsheet or it’s formulas"

  • "I can’t open this spreadsheet if someone else is using it"

  • "My department uses one spreadsheet, and another department uses a completely different one – so we end up with different data about the exact same things!"

  • "We use a few different free online management tools but they don’t work the way we need them too"

  • "I have to input (and update) data in multiple different spreadsheets and online tools!"

  • "I don’t know who/why/when this data was changed"

  • "I can’t find the documents I need"

  • "Small but critical ‘details’ keep getting lost/forgotten and causing huge issues"

  • "We struggle if a staff member isn’t available as we don't have access to their data"

Where others may hear these issues and grimace, Webree simply gets excited! With only 2 weeks work by a non-coder using the no-code platform XPOR, we built elicited requirements, designed and built a new system, imported the legacy data and handed over a fully functional, integrated management suite.

IBD Partnership XPOR Project Management Students view

When we showed IBD staff members their new management application they ‘got’ it straight away – as it was built exactly as they work, so no need to ‘learn’ a new management tool. They’re up and running straight away.

Raja Ali, Chief Executive Officer, even admitted that it was fun to use! So quick and easy to get started, easy to modify and add to in the future, and easy to support.

Now everyone in the company can find the information they need, when they need it, and everyone sings off the same hymn sheet!

IBD Partnership XPOR Student Management