Conference Website is a huge success

Published on: 27/08/2009

Conference Website is a huge success

IEA Clean Coal Centre provides the best source of information on the sustainable use of coal world-wide. Their 2009 Clean Coal Technology conference in Dresden was a huge success attracting visitors and speakers from around the world.

IEA CC approached Webree to provide an event website that would not only promote the event, but automate the event and administrative processes. Up until now all the registrations (including payment) and the paper submission process had all been managed manually.

Webree created a bespoke application that included:
* Online Registration with optional Technical Visits
* Online Payment
* Online Paper Submission system (complete with automated notification and workflow)
* Content Management System
* Programme
* Interactive Gallery

The conference received many more registrants than originally predicted, the technical events sold out completely, and the online paper submission system received double the amount of papers anticipated.

The conference website was originally used to promote the event, but is now being used as knowledge tool for those that attended. The Programme section provided details of the programme of events and speakers, and enables attendees to view the papers read, catch up on the PowerPoint presentations and even see pictures of the authors who have made use of the Interactive Gallery Area.

We’re delighted to announce that we are currently adding more features for the next CCT Conference in 2011 and that the site is being incorporated into the 8th European Conference on Coal Research and Its Applications (ECCRIA 8) by the University of Leeds in September 2010.