Database DesignOR now has Data Validation Feature.

Published on: 26/04/2006

Database DesignOR now has data validation feature.

Build forms that can check for the required data entry format before accepting form submission. The unique Database DesignOR on-line database system has been extended to provide data validation.

Database DesignOR has a powerful array of on-line data management tools. It is now possible to build on-line forms that validate the Users entry before accepting he entry to the Database DesignOR table. Using regular expressions it is possible to analyse the entered text / number / string / date etc. to ensure that the data matches the required format. The system utilises the regular expression on the entry to accept or reject it.

The Database DesignOR system provides a database system very similar to commonly available pc database systems, with an easy to use interface and many preconfigured tools. The difference is, Database DesignOR provides all of this on-line, fully integrated to the completeXPOR service.

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