Ease of Access

Published on: 27/03/2006

Ease of Access Catered For

With a powerful set of features behind both XPOR and the Kn3w systems, Webree has addressed making access to online services quick and easy.

The value of on-line services for members and (for commercial businesses) clients, is now indisputable. Improved service, reduced costs, better communication are all achieved with a well featured web system. Both of the Webree systems are packed with tools that make these features available to administrators to control their services.

Often it is valuable to control access / use of certain areas of a system. In many cases it is necessary to create accounts for the User. For example, members of an organisation might want to access information that is part of their membership subscription (private). Or, perhaps a web site has created an account for a purchaser of a product.

In all cases, when accounts are being created, the login feature provides an ability to customise the service the User subsequently receives when they next log into the system. However, the Log-in requirement is also an obstruction to the User actually bothering to return to the service!

For example, we have all bought products from a website and subsequently received a Username and password for account access (perhaps to track the order). No doubt you were adequately impressed with the value you received such that you mihgt return to the site and order more goods. This is when you have to re-enter your log in details ... there is the obstacle.

The Webree XPOR and Kn3w systems can operate with custom built toolbars, situated on the users desktop, providing a branded link to the relevant website / service. One click is all that it is necessary and the user has returned.

Making access to the web service as easy as possible generates impressive results ... and opens the door to other, proactive methods of User communication.

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