Email Campaign management - Use it!

Published on: 04/08/2009

Email Campaigns BUILT-IN

Virtually nobody needs to be told about the value of email campaigns anymore. THE low cost, instant, brand controlled method of communicating with your contacts.

Most organisations spend money on email campaigns, employing the services of third party specialists to handle the whole thing. Set up the email system with links back to your website, going through the third party click counter and you have some valuable data concerning the performance of the campaign. Imagine having the campaign completely integrated with your website, See the relationship between your campaign, your web stats, Product sales, form submissions, document uploads etc.. At last you can see exactly what is going on!

Actually this is nothing new to XPOR users. The facility has been built into XPOR for over 7 years now. Built-in as standard and absolutely solid!

Every month the webree XPOR servers send out over a hundred thousand emails, to client controlled email lists. So why use XPOR for your email campaigns? Well we think there are two VERY important reasons.

  1. No need to hand your valuable contact data over to a third party.
  2. It's free!

Anything else ... how about;

  • Accurate and controlled management of your contacts
  • Email Performance reporting
  • Personalised Emails
  • No need to trust a third party!
  • No need to export your contacts from your website
  • Send emails as and when you want to.
  • Completely integrated with your website
  • Use the style directly from your website
  • Send to Groups, Multiple Groups, or even individual contacts
  • Re-use email templates time and again with different content

If you are serious about email campaigning you will already have found the problems of using third party providers. Use XPOR to take back control and better understand the real-world impact and benefits of email campaigns.