Fair Trade Fortnight and Craft Village Simpsons characters

Published on: 12/02/2010

Fair Trade Fortnight - Time to buy your Simpsons statue

Fair Trade Fortnight this year starts on 22nd February. It's a great cause and one that most of us can relate to in some way. The whole idea is based on us making a few small changes. If a few of us make simple changes to what we buy then the impact will be significant. I suppose you could term this as Constructive Anarchy! Adds a bit of spice to your shopping trip.

One of our favourite clients, Craft Village UK, is a member World Fair Trade Organisation and is ken to support the fortnight. So, on the theme of anarchy, why not purchase one of their outstanding hand crafted Simpsons statues. Everybody knows a Simpsons fan, so why not buy one as a great gift ... and Fair Trade to boot!

Video of Simpsons Statue.

Fair Trade Fortnight is about swapping a "normal" purchase for a Fair Trade purchase. Simple.