From Catalogue PDF to Web Site in 28 days!

Published on: 09/11/2009

Case Study: Bainbridge International: From Catalogue PDF to Website in 28 days

Bainbridge International Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of speciality products to the marine, construction and recreational markets. With over 6,300 products they supply to over a hundred countries. Their success is based on the ability to apply specialist knowledge to a variety of different applications.

Bainbridge historically presented their huge portfolio of products in a 230 page catalogue produced biannually. With products constantly being updated it wasn’t long after the catalogue’s release that it was out of date. Bainbridge understood that this was an issue that needed addressing and contacted Webree.

Having previously used Webree’s XPOR software to successfully replace their intranet site, Bainbridge decided to set us a new challenge: Create a content editable (CMS) Bainbridge Marine E Shop from their brochure PDFs within 4 weeks.

That was just half of the story, the web service also needed to poll Bainbridge’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database (formerly Microsoft Navision) for stock updates, prices, distributor information and discounts. This was a huge undertaking, but one that Webree were keen to accept.

Firstly we wrote a bespoke application that analysed the product data from the catalogue and directly imported the information into our XPOR ecommerce module Store ManagOR. The time saving created through this application was phenomenal, considering how long it would have taken to enter product information for over 6,300 products manually!

In XPOR web pages are created from templates, so secondly we set up templates using Bainbridges own design for the main pages required. We created information mail merge areas on the templates that pull information from listing areas such as products, orders, clients ect, making the management of such a product rich site much easier for Bainbridge.

Lastly we created the service between the Bainbridge server and the Webree server on which the site is hosted. This service checks for the most upto date information on stock levels and customer discount structures. Bainbridge has over 2.5 million price combinations and this service is provided in real time.

XPOR’s new Store ManagOR module was the perfect solution for Bainbridge’s eshop, as it facilitates them to manage their own site with out the need of a developer by enabling them to:

• Add and change product information instantly and easily
• Customise data set of all products
• Assign prices and discount structures
• Automatic thumbnail creation of product images uploaded to the site
• Build product portfolio online
• Advanced Boolean searching

When a client logs onto the Bainbridge’s E Shop they are presented with their specific discounted price as the system recognising them, making the Bainbridge Marine site an essential tool for their clients.

From receipt of order the site went live 28 days later!

Bainbridge’s Marine E Shop now presents the company’s most up to date portfolio of products, ensuring that their clients can see any newly introduce lines or products instantly. To view the Bainbridge Marine E Shop click here.

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