Happy Birthday Sarah Dockree

Published on: 22/06/2014

Now you are probably wondering why this news item is presented on our site.  Well it is simply to demonstrate that Search Engines do a good job and you can easily achieve #1 without paying anybody to do it.

Search engines simply look at web pages and catalogue them accordingly.

BUT you must present the data to them in a fashion they can do something accurate with.  Why would you think otherwise?  If you want them to catalogue a web page with the title "Happy Birthday Sarah Dockree" then you must call that page "Happy Birthday Sarah Dockree".  Obvious.  And if you want the Search Engine to put a link to it on its' search return page, you should make the link include the page title "Happy Birthday Sarah Dockree".

And after that, you will find that the seach engine will scan your page - usually within a couple of days, and rank it accordingly.

Another simple / obvious tip.  Call your page exactly what you want / think it should be.  Don't call it "Home" or "About us" etc.  A search engine simply can't make sense of that.  At worst call it "my company", or "my product" or "my clients needs" - whatever they might be.

As you can see form this News Article, two days after publishing the page is #1 on Google for the page title "Happy Birthdfay Sarah Dockree".  No magic!