Happy New Year to all our clients

Published on: 21/01/2010

2010 A fine digital year

Webree has had a great year in 2009, despite the economic problems everybody has had to endure. Perhaps we haven't made the levels of profit we might have hoped for but we have enjoyed working on some fascinating and challenging projects. So a big thank you to our new and loyal customers.

This coming year looks like being the busiest in our history. Many new developments are planned for the coming year, which we will be proclaiming as they occur. A major focus on video management and a new production release of our IBIS software are 1st quarter, 2010 targets. These will be preceded by a new website, presenting our products and staff in a totally new light.

We think this will be a great year for online digital. After all, just look at the dates we have to look forward to ... 010110, 100110, 110110, 011010, 101010, 111010, 011110, 101110 and 111110. And then there's next year ...!

If the last decade was the noughties, surely this is the binaries!