IBIS makes editing easy for VT

Published on: 13/11/2009

IBIS makes editing easy for VT

VT Education & Skills (VTE&S) are part of the VT Group and have been appointed as the London Borough of Waltham Forest’s School and Innovation Partner. Their primary role is to provide school improvement through a variety of services in the Waltham Forest Area.

Webree were approached (in conjunction with one of our partnering advertising agencies) to provide a website that would be an information source on schools and their services within the Waltham Forest area.

The site has been built using our IBIS Content Management System (CMS) to enable the client to manage all their day to day changes. The system incorporates any easy to use front end editor that enables the admin and editorial team to:

Edit Content (complete with version control)
Add New Web Pages (complete with version control)
Add New Documents
Add New People

All editing goes through an approval workflow where notifications of changes are automatically sent to the Editorial Team for review.

The site has a huge amount of content (over 400 web pages and hundreds of documents) which is being constantly changed, so we created a personalised user panel for the school staff and administrators. This panel enables these users to navigate more quickly to areas of the site. The personalised panel is a drag and drop interface with the following options:

My Profile – enables the user to edit their contact details including their username and password.

Quick Links – Every page or document on the site can be added to a users Personalised page for quicker direct access.

Recently Viewed – shows all the web pages & documents recently viewed by the user with a quick link to them

Recently Published – Shows all recently published web pages and documents with quick links to them

• Directories – shows all directories on the site with quick links

Site Most Viewed – most popular web pages and documents on the site

• User Approval – Administration feature that list the new registrants awaiting approval/ decline

News Headlines – Quick links to the most recent News Articles

These new feature have been a huge success with users. VTWF decided to change their website to IBIS as their previous website’s editing tools had proved difficult to use.