International Mains Failure Database

Published on: 10/07/2009

Overseas Release of the Mains Failure Database

Last year saw the release of the UK National Mains Failure Database. This was an UKWIR owned project, run by the WRc, with Webree acting as sub contractors. This project sparked interest from overseas water utilities both in the USA (Water Research Foundation), and Australia (Water Services Association of Australia) who have now subscribed to have their own versions of the databases created.

A new project was therefore created by UKWIR - the International Mains Failure Database. This project was run by with the help of water expert Steve Mackellar and has been a great success. It has been released to several companies both in the USA and Australia, and so far a lot of positive feedback has been recieved.

Both the Water Research Foundation and Water Services Association of Australia have their own individually styled websites, based on their personal websites.

WRF Mains Failure Database Home Page

WSAA Mains Failure Database Home Page

The websites allow subscribers to enter pipe and failure information into a database which then allows this data to be extracted and reported on by users of the site. Utilities have complete control of their own data, deciding whether it should be kept private, or shared publicly amongst all utilities subscribed to the site.

Webree are very much looking forward to supporting the American and Australian utilities in using the site and it's features