Internet Business Integration Suite

Published on: 03/01/2007

Internet Business Integration Suite (IBIS)

Business Management Systems are the next stage in the Internet evolution. Provided across the Internet, or through controlled Intra / Extranet networks, it is now a mainstream business imperative to unify business activities using Internet technologies.

Webree offers an Internet Busienss Integration Suite (IBIS) which facilitates nearly all on-line services you could imagine. How? By providing Users and Administrators with an ability to create their own objects and processes, the aplications of IBIS are almost limitless.

With a fast and attractive interface update, IBIS is a field leading application. Already operating with a Vista style presentation, this software will provide all of the functionality an Administrator requires, through an interface he/she will be using over the next 5 years or so.

Further notices will be posted providing more detail of the IBIS interface, over the coming weeks.