Let's Chat!

Published on: 13/04/2006

Chat has long been a "feature" of internet services. Generally it is viewed as a gimmick, used by internet cafe nerds! However, it does have a place in the general communications methodologies that on-line business can employ with their web services.

For example, an individual who is browsing / searching a site may find a product they wish to purchase BUT not know how to achieve this! Of course they can telephone your support service (don't we all love "your call is important to us" call centres). As an alternative they can open a chat service. This would put a chat call to your service team, so the first available person can pick it up. When doing so, they will imediately be aware of where in your online service the potential customer is! So they can "chat" them straight through the procedure.

Perhaps your client is browsing your Private drawing library and they want to understand how a part is installed. When the user clicks the Chat feature, your designated support staff can Chat them through the issue.

This is the significant advantage of the Xpor Chat service, whereby the permissions system can identify where the client is AND who in the support team is designated as appropriate support.

Also, the system is fun!