Meeting Management on the Web

Published on: 06/09/2006

Meeting Management on the Web

Project Management nearly always requires communication between team members. Indeed many projects now require their own websites. So, what better way to focus communication than through the website?

XPOR has a newly developed Meetings Management module. The new module is completely integrated into the XPOR web service, enjoying all of the on-line services associated with XPOR.

Build your website with XPOR and then set up Projects, Project Teams, Project Fora and Meetings.

Although this is not a new application for the Internet, it is usually provided as a separate (costly!) service, hosted with a different provider. Having your Project Management system built into your own website has a lot of attractive benefits. For example, all Project Team members will be under your normal access account control ... no need to duplicate your User records. Project Team members can also have access to other private areas on your site.

Perhaps even more compelling, there is no additional charge for usage! Have as many Projects, Project Teams, Members and usage of the system as you need.

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