New Site Launched

Published on: 03/05/2011

On 13th May 2005, we launched our new web service. Based on a design by Leepeck Greenfield, the entire site has been built using the Xpor on-line service.

Over the last two years we have consolidated our position in the field of on-line services. Having doubled in size, we became aware that our visual identity required improving. Our websites were obviously in need of attention, having received criticism from our many friends and clients as not being representative of the service we provide. Consequetly we commissioned Leepeck Greenfield re-brand us.

As Xpor races towards its final version (2.0) we decided that our own site would be a perfect demonstration of the capability of this powerful on-line service. Everything you now see has been created on-line, using Xpor. This includes the templates that present this data, the forms that you can use to register and the very databases behind them. Check out our demonstrations.