New member of the team

Published on: 08/07/2008

Development Team strengthened

One thing we do well at webree is PLAN. Following this weekends Three Peaks Walk we were at risk of diminishing our Development Team. Mental breakdown, serious injury, death or murder were all scenarios the management team considered. Naturally this would have affected our delivery dates! So we planned ahead and took on a new addition to our development staff, just in case!

We are pleased to welcome Phillip Jones to our development team.

Phillip comes to us as an Industrial Placement student from Portsmouth University. With experience in Visual basic, ASP, dot-Net technologies, and Microsoft SQL server he will provide a welcome boost to our development capabilities, providing both frontline technical support to our clients, and helping to drive our product development forward.

The only drawback with Phillips application to join us is his abstinence from drinking tea. Still, that doesn't mean he can't MAKE the stuff.

Welcome on board Philip.