New webree Toolbar released

Published on: 16/04/2006

Web services are great! Powerful on-line services enabling users around the world to contribute to your organisation. Many organisations are investing heavily to develop and improve their web services. However, one big failing of web services is the need to log into it! Wouldn't it be great if a tool on your PC could "listen" to your web service, inform you of any interesting new things and even take you straight to them simply by clicking? We think so!

We have developed a lightweight toolbar system that can be branded to sit on a users toolbar, and configured to keep the user up to date with pertinent aspects of your web service, without having to log in! Use the toolbar to achieve a 1-Click route to a full recorded login into the admin system at any time. The interface of the toolbar can be branded and skinned to match your company’s colour scheme and corporate identity. This will make your toolbar both visually appealing as well as functionally convenient. There is currently no better way of keeping your web service up to date and instant, right at the point of delivery you require ... your Users PC! It can be tedious navigating between sections of your administration to perform various tasks by following clicking-routes. Now you can just skip to a chosen section or directly visit a certain page. This one-click navigation can speed up those common tasks that steal away chunks of your time.

Deploying your toolbar to site members is seamlessly easy, as we have packaged the toolbar within an installation program that requires no user intervention. The user will click the link to download the toolbar from your site and click Open or Run on the download confirmation. The toolbar will download, install, set itself to run when windows starts and execute and dock to your desktop straight away, all within a matter of seconds for broadband users.

You may have your service running the background (System tray) or docked to your desktop as a toolbar which will sit at the bottom of your screen (Above the start bar if docked in that location). All notifications and events that the toolbar is “listening” for will still execute in this mode. Notifications can be turned on to allow the toolbar to alert you of events transpiring through your website. The user can choose the frequency of when to check for new alerts, the transparency of the window, as well as how long they are displayed for. These alerts are similar to Messenger’s popup alert. The WebreeXMLFeed library DLL allows any developer to 'plugin' an RSS feed reader directly in to their application. RSS feeds are news headlines sourced from .XML files online that conform to a standard so that RSS news readers can understand the output. The toolbar can be configured to download your favourite news feeds and deliver them right to you so you can choose the stories you are interested in, by using this plugin.The toolbar is developed in Visual Basic 6 and uses the MSXML4.0 library and the WebreeXMLFeed library. Testing is being done to ensure the toolbar is supported on all versions of Windows (95 and higher).

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