Object Oriented Design for maintenance system

Published on: 19/05/2006

Maintaining a complicated engineering system required to generate valuable revenue is always a balance of cost and return. Maintenance and service specialists are always striving to minimise maintenance costs yet prevent expensive downtime.

The principal is simple: maintain at the last possible minute. However, this requires rare expertise to assess, predicts and provide necessary advice. Having made the assessment, it is important that the required actions are communicated with the minimum of delay.

Webree are working on a project with maintenance specialists Plant Asset Management, who specialise in providing this expert service. The new web based service will replace their current version, also developed by webree, to maintain PAM at the forefront of their field.

The new system will employ Webree's Internet Business Integration Service (IBIS). This on-line system provides a unique object oriented development method, whereby the system administrator can build complicated systems from scratch. This includes, Components, Component Relationships, Multi-component Systems, Technologies and Assets.

Not only does IBIS provide significant system capabilitiies but also minimises Development time for projects of this nature.

Watch this space for more IBIS applications.